Enjoy browsing our website - where you can find information, photos and videos of Broughton students, staff and events from days gone by.


Broughton High School  celebrated its 40th anniversary in July 2015. 

In preparation for the celebrations we created this website, a series of Facebook groups, and a  special 40th Anniversary Celebrations site to bring together former members of staff and students to facilitate a grand reunion. 

 If you are feeling in the mood to reminisce, why not start a discussion on the relevant Facebook group.  

To see what former friends are up to, please complete the survey and then check out the results.  (Over 400 people have listed themselves to date)
Listen to Gary Cunliffe reminiscing about BHS with Susan Mills (Blackhurst) from the Class of 81

All the material on the site has been uploaded with the intention of celebrating the 
wonderful people and the fun occasions at Broughton from 1975 to  recent times.  If you have a concern about any of the material, PLEASE contact me and I will be happy to remove it.

Of course, the more material we have, the better, and the more people who know about the site, the more we are likely to acquire.  So, please share the url far and wide.

The site was created in January 2014 and, initially, was populated with material found in school and on the pen drives of various teachers.  Special thanks go to former Art teacher Ceris Jones,  Assistant Head Teacher Barrie Shepherd, Former Languages/Career Teacher Liz Wilson (Caldecott) and School Librarian, Jo Harwood  for their love of hoarding.